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Common library for server and client


pub use traffloat_def as def;


Shape and appearance of an object

Management of cargo in buildings

Game clock management

A configuration is the special rules defined by the game host in a world.

Asteroid-related components.

Edge management.

Manages factory building logic.

Management of gas in buildings

Management of liquid in buildings

Common helper macros

Node management.

Population-related components.

Saving game definition and state.

Spatial units

Calculates the sunlight level of each building

Chronological units

Defines common units

Vehicle-related components.


A f64 wrapper that is guaranteed to be finite.

The set of values required to run legion

The standard setup parameters


The common port


Checks if a value is different from the default of its type.

Checks whether the client name is valid.

Linear interpolation from a to b, with ratio=0 as a and ratio=1 as b

Initializes common modules.